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One Trainer – One Client

Your private session is truly that – private and exclusive. Enjoy an atmosphere without the distractions of other trainers or clients. Lorren Winship Pilates & Wellness is an intimate, boutique studio, a serene space designed to enhance your mind/body workout.

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My focus is on teaching Private sessions, as each client has a unique need, body, and learning style. Therefore, teaching one-on-one gives me the opportunity to understand and cater to each individual. Additionally I am the only instructor on the West coast of Florida offering training in Safe Spine Pilates, applying modern bio-mechanical principles and eliminating loaded spinal flexion.

“When moving from NY to the Tampa area, I was concerned about finding a Pilates instructor to compare with one I was leaving. I shouldn’t have been. A friend of mine took me for a session with Lorren and I was sold. She learns the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and works with you to improve the weaknesses and capitalize on the strengths. She watches carefully to make certain one’s form is correct; she knows human anatomy, which is a necessity for a Pilates instructor. She is always reading/training and looking for new exercises to challenge her students. Training with Lorren is worth the hour drive each way.”

Stephanie – Retired Executive, Sony Corp.
Spring Hill, Florida

Countryside_PIlates_Modified_05Lorren Winship Pilates & Wellness is a boutique studio offering premium, personalized instruction in the Pilates method of body conditioning.
Whether you’re looking to regain muscle tone, improve your posture, lose weight, relieve stress, alleviate back pain, enhance your sports performance, or continue a rehabilitation program, each session is personalized for your specific needs and goals.

Pilates is not a trend, developed during the first half of the twentieth century this method has thrived because it works. Practiced faithfully, Pilates yields numerous benefits. It teaches balance and control of the body, and that capacity spills over into other areas of one’s life.

“Not only have I have changed my body, but I now have an understanding of my body. Why? Because she not only teaches you Pilates but also gives us a thorough understanding of what Pilates does to your body. I have lost inches. I don’t care about weight but inches and most importantly, getting into jeans and looking good. Lorren is my teacher and my friend. She is relentless in her quest for knowledge. She is always wanting to learn more, and improve her technique to help you. What more can I say, she is the best!”

Neida – Executive

Trinity, FL