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The Individualized Attention You Deserve

Lorren Winship Pilates & Wellness studio specializes in private training sessions. Pilates has a unique language, both verbal and physical. Additionally, your body has its own posture, habits, strengths, and weaknesses. Private training will allow your body to learn the language, as your instructor develops an understanding of where your body is, where you want to take it, and how to take it there.

Private sessions offer complete one-on-one attention from your instructor and allows you to move and learn at your own specific pace.

Whether your goal is to become stronger, more flexible, or simply reduce pain, individual attention is the fastest way to achieve your goals. I specialize in helping you uncover movement patterns that cause pain, address postural issues and enhance proprioception. In addition to working with healthy bodies I work with many types of chronic issues and injuries.

My experience in therapeutic Pilates, Restorative Yoga, and myofascial/muscular release techniques, including The Rossister System, allows me to tailor your session to help you live better in your body. Additionally, I am the only instructor on the West coast of Florida offering training in Safe Spine Pilates, applying modern bio-mechanical principles and eliminating loaded spinal flexion.

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