Lorren 02 smallLorren Winship, B.S., CPT, Pilates Instructor, Muscular and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Rossiter Coach

Lorren’s career in fitness began in 1994 with the YMCA. Years later, as the Fitness Director of a hospital Wellness Center, she was exposed to the amazing, transformative results of Pilates. That experience caused her to leave management and become an instructor in 2002.

In addition Lorren holds a Bachelors degree in Wellness / Exercise Science from the University of South Florida. She is committed to lifelong learning to provide the best training practices to the clients that she serves.

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in August 2009, Lorren has gone through many health challenges and learned to adapt and overcome these challenges through nutrition, natural and Oriental Medicine, Pilates, and Restorative Yoga. She believes that nutrition and movement is foundational for health and wellness and promotes health, wellness, and prevention in all that she does.

After working in several local studios Lorren opened a home studio in 2004. As her business continued to grow she began looking for a commercial space where she could expand her offerings without losing the intimate setting her current clients enjoyed.

May 2011 she was pleased to announce the opening of Countryside Pilates in a commercial space which also accommodated group reformer classes. Four years later, in May of 2015, she decided to down size her space, again focusing on Private sessions, which yield the best results for the clients she serves. Wanting to share her knowledge of the greater scope of her practice, the new business name emerged – Lorren Winship Pilates & Wellness.

“I first met Lorren in 2005 at a community center where she was conducting an orientation on the gym equipment for new members. When we got to talking, I learned that she was also a Pilates Instructor. I told her that I wanted to start doing that when I had lost more weight, and she told me that Pilates was for everyone, at all levels of fitness! I have since worked with her on and off over the years, and she helped me reach my fitness and weight loss goals. Every session was different, and she continued to raise the bar with thoughtful and focused sessions. She took the time to learn about me, my physiology and my lifestyle, and has always customized my training to best suit me. Conscientious and committed to her passion, you simply couldn’t find a better ally in reaching your fitness goals.”

Beth M
Clearwater, Florida

“Welcome to the Simon Cowell of Pilates instructors!! Now, that may sound like a bad thing when you first read it, but remember that Simon demanded perfection, and he was above all other things, honest. This is what you’ll get with Lorren. She is a demanding instructor, but isn’t that what you want from someone who is trying to improve your quality of life? Don’t go to her if you aren’t serious about learning and reaping the benefits of Pilates. You’ll be wasting your time and hers. She is guided by an inner strength that brings out your inner strength. Someone unafraid to push you, to get the most out of you. This isn’t to her benefit, though she is serious when she says she gets tremendous satisfaction seeing her clients lifestyle improve. This is for YOUR benefit. Her studio is well suited for the beginner and seasoned Pilates aficionado alike. Having all the equipment needed to bring out the healthy, invigorated, stress-free you. Just remember, this isn’t Romper Room. This is a woman serious about making you into the new you. The vigorous you. The conditioned you. I might just add, she is fun to be with, her sense of humor and caring, jovial nature makes the instruction something to look forward to. She makes Pilates FUN!!”

Allan L
New Port Richey, Florida